Extraordinary Cakes

for Extraordinary People

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Your cake should be as extraordinary as you are, and we will try to provide you with any flavor combination you desire. Although your choice is not limited to the following, some of our more popular cake flavors include:

Butter pound cake Coconut Sour cream white
Almond Lemon Deep Dark Devil's Food
Carrot * Pumpkin * White Chocolate *
* Note: additional charges may apply to premium flavors

Just as important as the cake are the fillings and frostings. Tempting flavors include:

Buttercream Mousse Ganache
French vanilla White Chocolate Raspberry
Kahlua-mocha Dark Chocolate Apricot
Cream cheese Lemon Mango
Chocolate Strawberry Dark chocolate

Can't decide? Allow us to suggest some of our more successful combinations:

Lemon Lift - Lemon poppyseed cake with lemon cream cheese buttercream and raspberry preserves
French Elegance - Rum-soaked sponge with delicate vanilla custard buttercream
Tropical Twist - Coconut cake with a fragrant white chocolate-mango ganache
Island Magic - White chocolate-macadamia nut cake and banana-rum buttercream
Debbie's Favorite - Deep Dark Devil's Food cake and creamy raspberry ganache.
Berries and Cream - Butter pound cake with Grand Marnier whipped cream and fresh berries in season
Simple Joy - Almond cake with velvety dark chocolate mousse
Extravagant Joy - Coconut cake with alternating layers of dark chocolate mousse and almond paste
Passion - Butter pound cake with chocolate-passionfruit truffle ganache
Summer love - 3-layer cheesecake with lemon or raspberry curd filling
Sinful - Flourless chocolate mousse cake and milk chocolate buttercream enrobed in rich dark chocolate ganache (flavored liqueur additions available)

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