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Novelty/Celebration Cake Gallery

Price reflects an estimated cost per serving for a similar cake based on current pricing structure.
For more details and to discuss your specific needs, please contact BCakes.

Baby Footprints      $6.50

Perfect for a baby shower or baby's first birthday!

Christening      $8.00

Made for the christening of twins. Perfect and elegant.

Stork       $5.50

Ideal for a baby shower, this simple stork image can be augemtned with filigree to be quite fancy.

Filigree rose      $7.50

Intricate piping displays a simple rose pattern, but many different images can be substituted.

Tea time      $8.00

Every miniature detail of this lovely table set for tea is made from sugar!

Snare drum      $6.50

Groom's cake for a recent NC State graduate

Football      $7.50

Groom's cake for a Redskins fan

Bamboo      $6.50

Borrowing from the art of Japanese brush painting, this cake included bamboo stalks, bamboo flowers, and a bamboo mat, all made from sugar.

Topsy Turvy Birthday      $8.50

Perfect for a large birthday party celebrating a fun-loving individual. All details customizable.

Topsy Wonka      $8.50

Willy Wonka-themed birthday party

Irises      $7.50

Van Gogh's "Irises" painting is replicated on top, and irises in sugar and counted cross-stitch adorn the sides.

Lily pond      $7.50

Lovely for a garden party, bridal shower, or any occasion.

Sushi      $6.00

Birthday cake for a sushi lover

Champagne      $8.50

Standing 32" tall, this was made for the 15th Anniversary of Signature Theatre in Arlington, VA.

Tony Award      $10.00

Another milestone for Signature Theatre. A 3-foot tall recreation of their regional Tony award all in cake and sugar. The medallion spun freely.

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