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Wedding Cake Gallery

Price reflects an estimated cost per serving for a similar cake based on current pricing structure.
For more details and to discuss your specific needs, please contact BCakes.

Amaryllis      $8.00

For a Christmastime wedding. Sugarpaste amaryllis, holly, and ivy invoke the holiday spirit.

Bridget      $7.50

Hand-modeled sugarpaste birds and branches.

Corinne      $7.50

Tiers appear suspended in air with a cascade of sugarpaste fall leaves.

Electra      $6.75

Springs of holly adorn a stack of elegant white and gold packages.

Amanda      $7.00

Cascade of falling leaves swirling around a simple, elegant cake.

Fall Roses      $6.50

Cascade of fresh roses in fall colors set off an elegant display.

Fruit Basket      $9.00

Hand-blown sugar fruits on a stack of cakes disguised as baskets.

Marine Fantasy      $9.00

Under the sea with plants, starfish, and shells all made of sugar. A handsome couple of blown sugar dolphins are the bride and groom.

Carolina      $10.00

Elegant cake featuring state symbols of North Carolina: Dogwood, Carolina lilies, strawberries, and blueberries.

Jaime      $7.25

Celtic designs embellish a cake colored green for the Emerald Isle.

Dan      $7.00

Sprays of sugarpaste tropical flowers top floating tiers.

Lauren      $7.50

Blown sugar pumpkin carriage atop an elegant gold and white cake.

Rachel      $8.00

Gingham print on a sugarpaste tablecloths set off this country-themed cake. Sugar flowers and marzipan fruits complete the look.

Dawn      $7.25

Gold scrollwork accents on an elegant red cake.

Renu      $9.00

Sugarpaste flowers, edible gems, sequins, and vase, and sugarpaste fabric form a stunning cake inspired by the bride's sari.

Waterfall      $6.75

A waterfall of sugarpaste cascades town tiers ringed with spring flowers.

Monica      $8.50

Whimsical yet elegant, real feathers top this topsy-turvy design.

Ros      $8.50

Bright, bold colors and festive fleurs-de-lis highlight this fun-loving bride's cake.

Leah      $8.50

Sunflowers and butterflies under a summer sky.

Alison B.      $8.50

Made for a fun-loving couple to incorporate their interests. Can you spot the sugar bunny?

Meghan      $8.50

The bride's brother created the topper that's bursting free from traditional wedding cakes.

Sally      $7.25

Stack of packages to honor the bride's father, a professional box designer.

Red & White Packages      $7.25

Stack of fanciful red and white packages.

Silver Packages      $7.25

Elegant stack of packages.

Alison L.      $7.50

Sugarpaste lace copied the bride's dress trim, sugarpaste callalilies, and a perfect evening.

Anna Kristina      $8.75

Delicate and elegant with sugarpaste smocking, pearls, ribbons, and butterflies.

Katherine      $8.00

Piped scrollwork and scallops with a personalized monogram topper.

Kristin      $7.00

Chocolate piping, chocolate swags, sugar flowers, and a chocolate monogram topper.

Cornelli      $8.00

Piped lace, sugarpaste swags, sugar flowers, and a sugar topper.

Cymbidium      $7.50

Piped lace, sugarpaste ribbon, and sugar cymbidium orchids.

Julie      $8.00

Sugar flowers and sugar bows make for an elegant and classic look.

Jenn & Andrew      $8.50

Sugar flowers and sugarpaste drapes.

Miller      $6.50

Fresh flower cascade down an elegantly simple stack of tiers.

Patty      $7.25

Sugarpaste flowers, bows and ribbons for a festive springtime look.

Robin      $7.75

Sugar embroidery to match the bride's veil, and sugar lace to match her gown.

Smocking      $7.75

Delicate sugar smocking and embroidery bring traditional elements to a modern arrangement.

R&J      $7.00

Sugar ribbon and sugar poppies make for a standout presentation in black and white.

Erin      $7.00

Graduated shades of blue with simple fantasy flowers.

Amy      $7.00

Fresh flowers and berries with a delicate piped Celtic border design.

Painted      $9.00

Hand-painted flowers and leaves on the cake and glass base make for a stunning display. Sugar ribbons and flowers finish the look.

Heather      $9.00

Hand-crafted black damask design makes for a stunning presentation.

Blue damask      $9.00

Another take on damask with sugarpaste flowers.

Chocolate leaves      $7.25

Chocolate leaves alternateing with a textured chocolate band. Modern and elegant.

Picture frame      $7.25

Elements of a favorite picture frame recreated in sugarpaste.

Kirsten      $6.50

Piped scrollwork and sugarpaste diamonds make for a fancy look.

Roses and Scrolls      $7.25

Delicate piped scrolls and tiny sugarpastes roses lend elegance.

Orchid geometry      $8.00

Sugarpaste orchids, sugar disks, and sugar strings turn square cakes into a fantasy.

Yin & Yang      $7.75

Red anthurium flowers on black and white cakes trimmed with gold. Stunning, elegant, modern.

Kimono      $20.00

Intricate sugar embroidery, sugar sculpting, and sugarpaste flowers recreate a stunning wedding kimono.

Topiary      $14.00

Delicate piped butterflies and a sugarpaste sunflower topiary celebrate summer.

Hermitage      $15.00

Recreation of the Hermitage palace museum in St. Petersburg - a special place for the bride and groom

Michelle      $15.00

A stunning and ornate Edwardian design with layers and layers of detail.

Romantic Books      $8.50

A wedding cake for book lovers. The bookend design is a re-creation of a drawing the groom made for the bride.

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